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2022 Service & Outreach

In 2022 the world was still just beginning to return to normal activities, and, too, our Service and Outreach activities.

March 2022

Since we shared our meeting space with an elementary class, we often exchanged notes with the students. They would ask us questions and we would answer them. They even watched some of our streamed district events and sent us messages of encouragement. We hope that our interactions lead many of them to join FIRST leagues, eventually bringing them to the Dreadbots.

May 2022

In the spring our team joined other members of the community for an annual spring clean up. Some of our members helped clean up an historic land mark and its grounds while others assisted with similar projects at other local public buildings or the homes of community members in need.

Also in May of 2022, we built a float and participated in our local Memorial Day Parade. Of course throwing candy at kids and showing off our robot brings joy to the community, but it also add visibility to club and to FIRST, encouraging participation not only in the Dreadbots but in STEM activities in general.

June 2022

Several of our team members put together a presentation for our school board. The goal was to bring awareness to the many benefits of having a strong FIRST Robotics presence in the school system and of having strong STEM programs in general. Our hope was also to gain more dedicated space for our team to meet, build, and practice in. Our efforts were rewarded with improved space later in the year!

July 2022

In July members of our team took our 2022 season robot to our community library for their annual Big Truck Day activities. We were given a space in the large library activity room where we created a cordoned off safety area for the bot. As crowds drifted in and out we performed demonstrations of the robot’s capabilities. Between demonstrations we shut the bot off and allowed interested kids to come close enough for us to describe and explain all the working parts. Community outreach events like these are vital to encouraging STEM in upcoming generations.

December 2022

In November members from our team helped the Dexter Lions Club set up and prepare for their annual Christmas tree sale. While the trees themselves are special to many in our small town, the Lions club is an very important part of our community and lending them our support was a way to reach many people.

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