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Service & Outreach

Service and outreach are important parts of being a FIRST team. Service in our community is achieved when a team assists in group projects to benefit or better its community. Outreach is achieved when a FIRST robotics team shares robotics and FIRST knowledge with its community. The Dreadbots are proud to participate in many acts of Service and Outreach and we would be glad to hear from anyone who either wants to learn more about FIRST and our team, or who needs assistance from a community minded group.

To schedule our team to appear or assist at your event send an email to [email protected].

Members of the 2021-22 Dreadbots Team present to the community at a school board meeting
kids intently watching our robot demo
Members of the Dreadbots Team demonstrate the 2017-2018 robot during BIg Truck Day at the library
Members of the 2021-2022 Dreadbots team help with spring clean up in the community

Visit our detailed Service & Outreach pages to learn more about our efforts each year:

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