game reveal video still

FIRST Robotics 2016 game reveal – Stronghold

This year’s FIRST Robotics game presents an amazing challenge. Defenses need to be breached. Balls need to be tossed into a high tower. Finally, robots are challenged to scale the opposing teams’ tower.  Watch the YouTube video game reveal to see what all the excitement is about for yourself.

the Dreadbots await the game reveal

2016 FRC game reveal at University of Michigan

The anticipation in the room is palatable as our team waits for this year’s FRC game reveal on the campus of University of Michigan. What will this year’s game be? In past years competitions we’ve had to stack bins, toss disks, climb pyramids, shoot baskets, hang inflated tubes and more. Will we be presented with a Read more about 2016 FRC game reveal at University of Michigan[…]