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Team Members

Our team members come from all backgrounds and skill levels. You don’t have to be a genius or an expert in using power tools. Our program will teach you everything you need to be successful. Our team is about enthusiasm to cooperate and support others. Click on the image above to learn more about becoming a member of our team.

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Our team mentors are amazing. Without their help we couldn’t do what we do so well. Mentors help teach the team members the skills they need to be successful. We need mentors from all backgrounds and skills. We have mentors that are mechanical engineers to social workers and everything in between. We are so happy they chose us. Click on the image above to learn more about becoming a mentor.

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Our sponsors are so important to us. Without our sponsors’ support we wouldn’t have the resources to test our ideas, build the robot and compete in the FIRST Robotics competitions. We accept both monetary and materials donations. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, click the image above.

About Us

Our team formed in 2011
In 2013, we went to Worlds and placed in the top ten.

In 2011, we formed our team and met in one of the mentor's home. We began with just a handful of students and mentors with a desire to learn more about robotics.

The Dexter Dreadbots are full-steam ahead for FIRST Robotics. We are beginning to see the results of our first years of sharing the fun of robots with our community. Team membership jumped from 6 in 2011 to an average of 45 students each year.

In addition to competing with our robots, we are also active in sharing our robots with the community. We love inspiring younger students to explore STEM careers.

We are a fun-loving team that enjoys spending time together in the off-season. In the past we have done activities such as game nights and canoeing/kayaking trips. We hope you will check out all the great things that DHS Dreadbots has to offer.

Click on the 'Our Team' link at the top of the page to learn more about us.

  • We are proud of our seniors, most of whom have been with the team since Freshman year.

  • FIRST robotics opens so many possiblities

  • Twelve amazing females rock robotics

  • We are an award-winning team. Each year we learn more and become stronger.


Dexter High School FIRST Robotics: The Dreadbots -Team 3656

Dexter High School Robotics Team -Dexter Dreadbots, Team 3656..
Dana McConville
Dana McConville3 hours ago
Some photos of hardworking dreadbots on Saturday 20th January :)
Wenonah Wright Robelen
Wenonah Wright Robelen2 days ago
Another busy day today at Dreadbots headquarters.
Dan Robelen
Dan Robelen added 12 photos to the album: First Meeting 17-18 Season in Dexter High School FIRST Robotics: The Dreadbots -Team 3656.3 days ago
Here are a few pics from the first meeting. Sorry it's taking me so long to get these processed and posted.
Lori Sprague
Lori Sprague shared Classic FM's video to the group: Dexter High School FIRST Robotics: The Dreadbots -Team 3656.4 days ago
Why would I share Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" with the robotics team? Watch it and find out.
Lori Sprague
Classic FM
Marbles, magnets, music. via DoodleChaos
Shari Williams Lindskov
Shari Williams Lindskov7 days ago
From today's demos: the prototype drive base with winch is already climbing!
Shari Williams Lindskov
Shari Williams Lindskov
Shari Williams Lindskov7 days ago
Prototyping is coming along amazingly, with lots of hard work and teamwork! We had a fun demonstration at the end of build today. The kids showed off the progress on their prototypes as they prepare for design decision night. This year, even the programming team got to show off their efforts (though not shown here). They can already get the programming bot's wheels spinning, despite significant changes to the programming modules by FIRST. Go Dreadbots!

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