January 13, 2017

Our 2016 Robot

Our 2016 robot

Game reveal

The FIRST game reveal took place on January 9, 2016. The game this year is Stronghold.

FIRST Stronghold game description

The robot should be able to: breach the other teams defenses (moat, low wall, portcullis, Cheval de Frise, Ramparts, drawbridge, sally port, and rough terrain), shoot balls in a low and high tower and scale the opposing alliance’s tower.

Our robot design

Our team made several creative solutions to meet the challenges presented by this year’s game.

  • The mandibles used to grab the ball was inspired by the antlion, one of the most fearsome insect predators.
  • We created what we term the ‘sucker punch’ to pick up and toss the boulders. Using a fan from a vacuum we create suction (the sucker part) and an internal mechanism punches (the punch part) the boulder off the sucker bowl into the tower.
  • More details coming soon.


Our results