January 14, 2017



When is Our Season?

  • September =
    • Welcome meeting
  • October – December =
    • Robotics 101 (learn to use the tools properly and other skills)
  • January – February =
    • Game reveal and build season
  • March – April  =
    • Competitions
  • May – September =
    • Training
    • Group outings
    • Off-season competitions

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What are the Team Expectations?

Team members are expected to:

    1. Follow all our safety rules.
    2. Exemplify gracious professionalism in everything you do. Learn more about gracious professionalism on the FIRST website.
    3. Help create a positive, supportive place for others to learn, create and flourish.
    4. Offer constructive criticism.
    5. Let others have a chance to learn what you know and be willing to teach them.
    6. Learn how to use various tools.
    7. Look for ways to help when you are idle.
    8. Contribute food, drinks and paper products to the team if you eat snacks and/or lunch from the team cupboard.
    9. Sign in and sign out at builds, events and competitions.
    10. Attend the game reveal/kick-off and the team’s strategy meeting that follows.
    11. Sign up when you need a carpool ride (and contact the carpool driver if your plans change).
    12. Belong to and actively participate with at least one of our sub-teams*:
      • Business Team
      • Drive Team
      • Electrical Team
      • Marketing Team
      • Mechanical Team
      • Pit Team
      • Programming Team
      • Service Team
      • Strategy/Scouting Team
    • *A full description of the roles and responsibilities of each sub-team can be found in the team manual.


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    Where is Our Meeting Location?

    We will meet at Michigan Aerospace Corporation in Ann Arbor (1777 Highland Dr # B, Ann Arbor, MI 48108) until our new location is built by the Dalton House on Shield Road in Dexter.


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    Can I Carpool to our Meetings?

    Sign Up Genius screen shot


    Students have the opportunity to sign-up each week for carpools that are driven by adults. The team uses SignUpGenius to match adults willing to drive students between Dexter High School (loading dock area) and Michigan Aerospace.

    You will be sent a weekly email from Jennifer Bryson (dshdreadbot@gmail.com) throughout the season. Jennifer typically releases the carpool sign up on Sundays. You can also search for the carpool signup for the week by visiting signupgenius.com/findasignup. When searching for a carpool signup, follow the website address provided then enter dhsdreadbot@gmail.com in the ‘Search by Email’ field. Enter the text provided into the ‘Enter the random text below’ field. Then, click the ‘Search’ button. See image above for example.

    Students that are licensed drivers can drive themselves. Other students may ride other students, but it is at the sole discretion of the students’ parents whether or not they are comfortable with their student being driven by another student. No official carpools will be offered for sign-up for student drivers.

    It is your responsibility to sign up for a carpool (both ways) if you need a ride to the build/event/competition. Also, if plans change and you no longer need a ride, you need to contact the carpool driver.

    Other carpools are offered on an as needed basis (e.g. competitions).

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    What are the Costs Associated with Participation?

    There is a cost to join and participate with our team. The cost is approximately $200. Travel, lodging and food costs for competitions is not included in this fee.

    District competitions start on Thursday afternoon and end on Saturday evening. These competitions take place in Michigan.

    State Championship starts on Wednesday afternoon and runs through Saturday evening. This competition takes place in Michigan.

    World Championship starts on Wednesday afternoon and runs through Saturday evening. This competition can by held out-of-state or in Michigan.

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    What are the Competitions Like?

    Competitions start with qualifying rounds, then progress to the semi-finals (the top 8-16 teams plus their chosen alliance team members for a total of 24-48 teams) and end with the finals (the top two alliances or 6 teams).

    Matches are won based on the points total.

    Semi-finals and finals are determined by best 2 out of 3 matches.

    If the team performs well, we will take part in the Michigan FRC State Championship in mid-April.

    If the team performs well at the Michigan FRC State Championship, then we will attend the FRC Championship Event in late April.

    District Competitions

    FIRST robotics competition logoMichigan’s FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) program is divided into sixteen districts for targeted growth and team retention.

    Competitions typically take place in early March in Michigan. These competitions start on Thursday evening and run through Saturday evening.

    Each Michigan FRC team participates in two qualifying tournaments, called district events.

    FRC State Championship

    FIRST robotics in Michigan logo

    State Championship takes place in mid-April in Michigan. These competitions start on Wednesday evening and run through Saturday evening.

    Teams qualify for Michigan FRC State Championship and FRC World Championship through a point system that includes:

                            • the ranking points we earn in matches plus
                            • points for going into eliminations which are based on rank/order of selection plus
                            • points for judged awards plus
                            • some extra points for rookies.

    Following the district events, the teams are ranked and the top 64 teams (by their cumulative season ranking points) move on to the FRC State Championship. In addition the following also secures a spot at the state championship:

                            • District Chairman’s Award winners.

    FRC World Championship

    FIRST championship map 20182018 Map showing which countries will attend each of the World Championship eventsThese competitions start on Wednesday evening and run through Saturday evening. The 2018 Championship will be in Detroit.

    The top 32 teams (by their cumulative season ranking points) from the State Championship qualify for the FRC World Championships.

    Some FIRST Robotics Competition Teams will be “pre-qualified” for the FIRST Championship in one of four ways:

                            1. By being a member of the FIRST Hall of Fame
                            2. By being an original and sustaining team since 1992
                            3. By being one of last year’s FIRST Championship winners,
                            4. By being one of last year’s FIRST Championship Engineering Inspiration Award winners

    There are three ways that teams can qualify for the FIRST Championship while competing at a Regional (State Championship) Event:

                            1. Teams may qualify for the FIRST Championship by being selected for one of three awards: the Regional Chairman’s Award, the Engineering Inspiration Award, or the Rookie All-Star Award.
                            2. Teams may also qualify for the Championship Event by being on the Winning Alliance at their Regional Events. This qualification extends to all teams on the Alliance, including Back-Up Teams that were called up to play on the Alliance.
                            3. A team can earn a Wild Card slot at their Regional Event.

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