January 14, 2016



This page contains information about competitions and some of the jobs performed by our team members.

Description of Competition

Competitions are free and open to the public.

The Matches

Each match is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. The Autonomous Period is the first 15 seconds of the match in which robots operate without any drive team control or input. The Teleoperated Period is the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds of a match in which robots may be directly controlled by drivers and/or human players.

The Drive Team

The drive team does the driving of the robot at competitions. Drive team members are selected from a group of students who voluntarily try out to be a drive team member. Drive team members are selected based on performance, temperament and other factors.

The Pit

A lot goes on in the pit area during competitions:

  • We meet with alliance members to plan our strategy for upcoming matches.
  • Repairs are made to the robot by our team members that helped in the build process in the pit area between matches.
  • Judges visit to interview the team about the robot. These interviews are crucial to the team potentially winning awards.
  • The programming of the robot is updated between matches.
  • Batteries are changed for the next match.
  • As part of our team spirit, our team hands out buttons to other teams that we have laser cut out of wood.
  • Visitors to the pit are given a tour of the robot as time permits. We especially like inspiring the next generation of FIRST.


We use the qualification matches to scout other teams to watch their strategies, robot capabilities and temperament of the drive team and their coaches. This is especially helpful when choosing alliances, should our team advance to the playoff matches.

Team Spirit

We show team spirit by cheering in the stands not only for our team, but for other teams that perform well or display gracious professionalism.

Several dances take place during the time between matches. These include line dances such as: Cha-Cha Slide, Chicken Dance and Cotton-Eyed Joe.

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